Sunday, November 16, 2008

Feri Friday in November

Feri Sex! Sex in Feri! Life Force abounded in the Great Grove during Storm's workshop. He took us through several very moving exercises, most developed from his own personal work and then we went into circle to stir-up that sexual, sensual life-force. You could almost see the hot streaks of red passion flitting about the Grove and we
opened our own life-force into heated night air. Wow...Feri Sex...Sex in Feri... 
what more can I say???

Feri Friday in October

In October we had Medusa join us in Working with Our Beloved Dead. There was a quiet nature to this work and Medusa led us in an explorative conversation, deftly guiding us with her personal practices. We cast a FireDrake Feri circle and invited our dead to join us. This was a quite personal and individual working, as each of us connected on various levels with Our Beloved Dead. Food and touch were shared in silence. After the dead were invited to depart, some of participants spoke of their experience, while others at in silent contemplation. Doing this work felt so right at this time of year.

May all our Beloved Dead feel our deep reverence and love for them.

Feri Friday in Sept

Wow! Talking with the Peacock Lord in the Redwood Grove was truly'somethin else'. We a short introduction from Dominic and then cast a FireDrake Feri Circle, with FDF students doing all the parts! They were fabulous! The Peacock Lord's possession of Dominic was clear to all and after He had settled a bit, had a drink, remarked on the clothing He was wearing and whisked His tail feathers around the circle, the Peacock Lord beckoned to each of the participants, asking if they had a question for him and speaking to each person directly. We had arranged to have two transcribers, at Dominic's suggestion, since folks might not recall all that was said to them in the moment. The Lord's words were revelations, confirmations and surprises to many of the participants. When all had been addressed, we thanked the Lord and His Kaseka assisted in bringing Dominic back to us. More cakes and wine and conversation ... and then the circle was opened. Wow! What a beautiful night with the Peacock Lord!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Meeting the Peacock Lord

"Meeting the Peacock Lord" 

with Dominic Elemirion 
Sept 26th, 2008
Malik T'aus is one of the least written about deities recognized in the Feri Tradition. 
                                                                    image©Paul Rucker

Come for an evening of meeting & greeting 
with the Peacock Lord 
lead by Feri Initiate and Priest of the Peacock Lord, 
Dominic Elemirion, 
followed by an audience with HimSelf for Q&A
so please do bring questions.
pre-registration is required - click here

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Feri First Year Training

FireDrake Feri
First Year Training • 14 September 2008
Pre-registration, including a personal conversation, is required

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Mother of the Night Feri Camp

Mother of the Night

Gather in the gloaming
Walk with the Night
Sleep in the arms of the Dark Mother.

Open your Black Heart
To it's Innocence
In Her embrace

Hear the Black wings unfold at your back,
Walk into the light invested by the Dark Hag.

Feri Camp
October 3rd thru October 5th 2008

offered by J'té and Q at Dragondale

Arrive Friday evening for a deep meditation before sleeping in the Great Grove, 
surrounded by the strength and grace of the Redwoods.
Awake to birdsong and an intricate day of workings, movement, discussions 
and song all focused on creating a profound, lasting relationship with the Mother of the Night.
Sleep again in the Great Grove, after intense evening ritual working,
bearing your heart to Her in the dark.
Awake on Sunday to create a diadem in Her honor.

Space is very limited for this camp, so contact us soon if you are interested.

Workshop fee is $155-190 sliding scale

image copyright Brian Froud