Sunday, March 15, 2009

Feri Friday™ April

Apr. 17th. 2009 
"Eerie One of the Ivory Tower: The Courtship of Inspiration" 

Some days the world shimmers like a jewel all around us, and we are filled with insight, sparkle and magick. Other days life seems gray and drab, and we feel we can't touch anything meaningful. What makes the difference? Is there anything we can do to increase the sparkle? You are invited to share in an evening of Courtship! We will commune with the Feri Moon Goddess, in the guise of a quirky little poem from the Drawing Down the Moon rite in the Bloodrose line of Feri. We will explore symbolism, we will sing, we will journey to her realms. Far from being hostage to the whims of our Muse, we can learn to coax that elusive force that the Welsh know as Awen, the Irish know as Imbas, and we know as Inspiration - surely one of the great Promethean fires!

To attend this event, you must be: studying Feri with a Feri teacher, have studied (with a Feri teacher) or an initiate of Feri.

Feri Fridays™ take place outside in the Great Grove at Dragondale, one Friday each month, from 7pm and until 10pm. Dragondale is in Boulder Creek, CA.
Directions to Dragondale provided to pre-registered folk.

Admission for each Feri Friday workshop is $35 per person, pre-registration required.

This workshop must have a minimum of 13 participants to take place as scheduled. The maximum number of participants is 22.
Chairs are provided in the Grove and there will be a small, contained fire if required.
Please bring warm layers.

to register for this workshop: